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Parsley provides the information, tools, and connections
individuals need to navigate into the middle class.

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How Does Parsley Work?

Parsley is the first tool of its kind to bring together Employer Benefits, Public Benefits and Personalized Workforce Training in one place to help individuals navigate the benefits cliff and advance their careers.

What is the benefits cliff?

Hello, Opportunity!

Parsley helps you find what’s good for you.

Pursuing your career while navigating public benefits can be difficult. If you’re not sure how a new opportunity or raise will impact your true net income, Parsley can help.

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Net Income Forecasting Tool

Use this to calculate your true net income, incorporating Public Benefits eligibility and Long-Term Earning potential.

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Customized Referrals

Get personalized referrals to Community & Employer Resources, Career Opportunities, and Employee Training.

Empower Workers.

Parsley Workforce Solutions helps people who help workers.

Learn more about how Parsley Workforce Solutions can help employers, HR and workforce development professionals use data and analytics to improve productivity and retention, and remove common barriers to advancement.

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Sept. 2020 // Learn about the Dream Up competition that birthed Parsley (formerly Opportunity Calculator)

Apr 2021 // Area leaders speak to the transformative impact Parsley (formerly Opportunity Calculator) will have on Dane County.

Parsley Aims to Boost Dane County Residents’ Income