Parsing the Details:
Our Data Policy

Here’s what we’ll learn about you when you create a Parsley account:

Not a lot. Basically, your email address, which we collect as a way for you to keep your account secure and private.
We’ll also learn about the kinds of income questions you have.  From our perspective every Net Income Snapshot you build in Parsley is hypothetical.  (That's the whole point of the app.) Since you’re not using Parsley to apply for benefits or report to any agencies, you can model as many scenarios as you want with real or hypothetical situations. 

Here’s what we’ll learn from your activity in Parsley:

How to make Parsley easier to use. 

How to improve our content by learning from the interests of our users.

How to build an increasingly accurate picture of how benefits systems and personal finances interact by learning from the situations our users are modeling.

Here’s what we are not doing with what we learn:

We are not selling or sharing your email address or user activity data.

We are not tracking your location. 

We are not sharing your email address or your individual snapshots with any government agency, or anyone else for that matter. 

Here’s what we are sharing:

Nothing that can be tied to your identity or email address. 

Big picture data that shows trends from our users, while protecting your anonymity, to help employers and policy makers understand barriers to people advancing in their careers and financial goals.  

As Parsley grows, we are developing communication tools that you can use to get HR information from your employer, or to seek help from a community partner. No matter who you connect to through Parsley, you are always in control of the data you share with them.

Here’s the why behind Parsley:
Strength in numbers

We created Parsley to help you get there, wherever you want to be.  

We also created Parsley to help tell the collective story of people trying to navigate our economy.  When you use Parsley, you are part of a movement.  

Policy makers and employers have been in the dark for a long time about how public and private benefit decisions really play out in people’s lives.  It’s time to change that.

The more people use Parsley, the stronger our story becomes.

We’re honored to be your metaphorical scratch pad, your calculator, and map as you figure out where you want to go.  

And we take seriously our role in telling your collective story, while protecting your privacy as individuals.

You can opt out of being a part of the collective story:

While we want to add your anonymized data to the learnings we share with partners, we still want you to benefit from using the app even if you don’t want that data shared.  

You can opt out of sharing your anonymized data with our partners when you set up your account. But before you do, remember, they will never be able to trace what you share back to you or your computer.

What happens to my data with a
guest account?

When you use Parsley as a guest, we will clear your data after one week.  No one who opens the app on your phone or the website on your computer will be able to see the data you’ve entered after that time.  

We will keep a record of your activity in Parsley and learn from it how we can improve our app, but we won’t know who you are since you haven’t created an account.